Workshop med Ursula Buhlmann

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Workshop med Ursula Buhlmann


2 dages workshop med Ursula Bühlmann d. 24. og 25. Januar 2018.

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Magical encounters - the solution focused approach in the work with children, youth and families by Ursula Bühlmann. 

In the everyday work with the solution focused approach, language and talking is an important instrument practitioners may use. The task of the Solution Focused worker is to ask questions which invite the client to describe the preferred future in a positive and concrete way. And to help the client to be aware of his competences.

What happens if we are working with children, youth and families? How can we get in contact with our younger clients? How is the Solution Focused model adapted to the work with children? - In the module we work out how the Solution Focused approach is used in working with children, youth and families and how clients can experience solutions and skills also in another way than with language, e.g. by playing, drawing or moving.


Learning objectives:

-       Practice in different ways how the solution focused approach can be used in the work with children, youth and families.

-       Work out ideas what to do if family members have different goals, how to deal with the unvoluntary of young people     and how to react at the answer “I don’t know”

-       Getting to know different exercises how to experience “solutions”/”best hopes”/”preferred future” with all senses

-       Learning how resources can be reactivated and how new possibilities begin to arise in human brain

-       Doing practical work on the subject “skills and competence”