Solutionfocused Practitioner, Basic level - ONLINE FROM NOVEMBER 2019

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  • For anyone with an interest in the solution-focused approach and a practice to experiment with.

  • An education that provides new understandings and opportunities for action.

  • Intensive online training and webinars, - practical, dynamic and structured.

  • Simple and digitized access to material, literature, tasks etc.

  • 60 hours of teaching and training, participating in intern supervision, study group and documenting 100 hours of practice.

  • Price 1500 € including material, flexible payment options for self-funders.

  • For english-speaking participants only

  • You register for the program under "Registration and facts".

Education program starting october 2019 - online only

  • Starting on October 1st with access to digital platform, from which articles, assignments etc. can be downloaded.

  • October: From Modernisme to Poststructuralism - SF roots and how it influence the practice of today, introduction journey

  • November: Getting from start and creating LEAD© - presenting simple tools to clarify destination and interaction perspective.

  • December: studying in groups including intern supervision

  • Januar: Timemachine; future, past, present - as we operate in timezone, how do we do it; what to do and not to do, presenting loops

  • February: FAQ - different types of questions - there’s a variation of questions to use, how to expend and mingle between diff. types.

  • March: studying in groups including intern supervision

  • April: the Solution Focused Loop - focusing on the end of the conversation, giving tasks, feedback and more loops

  • Maj 2020: first opportunity for examination

  • June 2020: second opportunity for examination


The education plan consists of an interaction between teaching, exercises and examples, as well as the work with the film material you bring from your practice. You are presented with the basic assumptions in the solution-focused approach just as we review the many techniques for engaging others in conversations. You will get acquainted with, how the solution-focused approach understand problems and humans, basic assumptions that distinguish the solution focused approach from other approaches in the field. Alongside this, and to support the theoretical element, you will work with the client's preferred future, the various types of questions, scales and other solution-focused principles and techniques.

Each module consists of two steps. The first part is self-study, where you can download articles, tasks and exercises, and see it when it suits you. In the second step, you’ll participate in training sessions online at Zoom, where you connect to other students, do exercises and discuss some of the tasks. Each time there will be a presentation from the teacher.

Examination & Certification

1) You upload a recording of solution-focused practice from your everyday life and that you believe represents what you have learned at DLI. In order to pass the examination, you must demonstrate that you have the ability to engage others in conversation about how life looks when the problem has diminished through solution-focused methods. To ensure the learning and development perspective, the feedback is built up in ways that lead to three or four questions or statements that allow you to work on the work you have chosen to present as your exam project.

2) Next, you formulate the ideas and reflections that follow from the first part of the examination. Thus, the examination not only evaluates your knowledge of and use of basic solution-focused principles and techniques, but also your ability to reflect on one's own practice in a solution-focused framework.

Accreditation is given by documented 100-hour solution-focused practice within one year, received supervision as required at the current Level and passed the exam. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve this, one can go to the exam at 2 different times within a 3 month period. Thus, each level can range from 9 to 12 months.